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Diesel compressors
Mobile diesel compressors ZIF - an autonomous all-weather solution to supply compressed air to consumers during construction, roadworks, for quarries, emergency rescue, exploration. The assortment of more than 100 models.
Electric compressors
ZIF-SVE electric compressors are designed to provide compressed air to pneumatic equipment and pneumatic tools of enterprises in various industries. A wide range of applications for different operating conditions. The list of models more than 160.
Explosion-proof compressors (mines, oil and gas industry)
Explosion-proof compressor stations ZIF-SHV are designed to supply compressed air to consumers in coal, shale and other mines dangerous for gas and dust and for oil and gas industry. Compressors are certicied for operation in explosive atmosphere (level Mb of explosion proof equipment). List of 120 models.
Compressors for mobile drilling rigs
ZIF-COM compressor units are designed to supply compressed air to technological processes during operation of drilling rigs on wheeled or tracked chassis. Compressor unit is powered from the main diesel engine via power take-off gearbox and shaft.
Compressors for public vehicles
ARM.AKS screw compressor units are designed to supply compressed air to pneumatic system of public electric vehicles: trolley buses, trams, as well as to drilling rigs and other equipment. It could be easily integrated into compartments of vehicles.
Refrigerator dryers
ARM refrigerated dryers are designed to dry the flow of compressed air by cooling it to the dew point (+ 3C), making moisture in compressed air to be condensed and removed through the condensate drain valve.
Adsorbtion dryers
Adsorption dryers ARM with cold or hot regeneration are designed to dry the flow of compressed air due to the process of moisture adsorption by the adsorbent.
Gas compressors
ARM-VGA gas compressors are designed for compression and transportation of ASSOCIATED OIL GAS.

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