Бесплатно по России


Juridical adres:
195009, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Komsomola street 1-3
Post adres:
195009, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 113

Employee Contacts

Dmitry Maximov
Commercial director
Vyacheslav Grechin
Regional sales manager
Alexander Denisov
Sales manager
Roman Eremchanko
Project manager on associated gas
Alexey Ladynin
Key sales manager
Andrei Lukin
Sales manager
Vlada Shnayder
Commercial service assistant
Mikhail Tomarov
Head of sales department
Alena Maximova
Head of customs support service
Vladimir Chernov
Manager of spare parts and consumables
Svetlana Soluyanova
Head of planing and shipment service
Stanislav Alexandrov
Head of technical marketing service
Janna Yurchenko
manager of technical marketing
Ivan Rybnikov
Manager of technical merketing
Alexey Khoroshilov
Service and guarantee engineer
Olga Romanova
Manager of logistics
Svetoslava Shapovalova
Head of composition service
Elena Suhostat
Purchase manager
Kirill Chernitsky
General director
Tatiana Bekreneva
Office manager

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