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«ZIF» offers service of pneumo-audit of your factory. Pneumo-audit is one of items of energo-audit. It is dealing with solutions concerning complicated analyses of pneumo-system of the factory in order to biuld the optimal compressed air supply system to reach maximal energo-efficiency of your company.

Specialists of «ZIF» will modify the existing serial station to meet required parameters in case if price-list doesn't contain the required values (operational conditions, output, pressure, motor speed etc.)

«ZIF» offers to add various auxiliary equipment to serial stations: equipment for preparation and storage of compressed air, dehumidifiers, air filters, receivers etc.
Engineering company «ZIF» offers the possibility of manufacturing non-serial products of any level of complexity taking into considerations all requirements.
For all non-standard products our company provide standard guarantee conditions.

Engineering company «ZIF» has big experience of development and creation of autonomous module solutions according to individual technical requirements of customers. 

Our engineers is providing proffessional support to the customer during genertion of technical requirements and organize training of customs staff that get access to operation of the accomplished module solution.

Turnkey Design - Comprehensive design of an enterprise’s compressed air supply system. The pneumatic supply system, organized without competent calculation and study, leads to an increase in production expences and, consequently, to a decrease in the efficiency of the entire enterprise. Having carried out a detailed analysis of the proposed technical process, specialists of "ZIF" will develop a project that takes into account all the production nuances of a particular customer. As part of the preparation of the project, equipment will be selected from our range, which will ensure the highest efficiency of the pneumatic supply system.

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